The Mighty Oak Tree and Acorns For Food

The Mighty Oak Tree and Acorns For Food

Do you like seeing trees? To me, there is something special about trees, and “Oaks are one of the oldest and most widely spread trees on this planet. They have existed way before humans were here. They feed various living creatures with their leaves and acorns.

But, oaks played a crucial role in human history as well. Early humans built their homes, created tools, and constructed strong ships from oak wood. These trees are still one of the crucial sources of raw material in our modern time. Elegant furniture, flooring materials, cosmetic creams, and wine barrels are some among many products that are being produced using oak trees.

Here are some interesting facts about oak trees
A mature oak tree can reach around 148 feet (45 meters).

Oak trees appeared on our planet about 65 million years ago.

Oak trees live up to 1,000 years.

An oak tree produces about 10 million acorns during its lifetime.

There are over 600 species of oak trees.

The largest living oak tree is located in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Wine is aged in oak barrels.

If you like truffles, then thank the oaks, as they have a close relationship with the roots of oak trees.

Oak tree population is decreasing, that’s not good.

Only 1 in 10,000 acorns grow up to be an oak tree.

Oak trees start to produce acorns when they reach 50 years of age.

Vikings used oaks to construct their ships and boats.

British Royal Navy ships were also constructed from oaks until mid-19th Century.

Nowadays, oaks are still the choice of carpenters when they create furniture and veneers.

Some cultures worshiped oak trees. Throughout the centuries, mainly in parts of Europe, people worshiped oak trees, associating them with the mythological gods, namely Zeus and Jupiter.

Druids also worshiped oak trees. They got married under the spreading branches of oaks and carried acorns, believing those practices would bring them happiness and good health.”

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Stand tall oh mighty oak, for all the world to see,

your strength and undying beauty forever amazes me.

Though storm clouds hover above you,

your branches span the sky,

in search of the radiant sunlight you

count on to survive.

When the winds are high and restless and

you lose a limb or two,

it only makes you stronger, we

could learn so much from you.

Though generations have come and gone

and brought about such change,

quietly you’ve watched them all yet still

remained the same.

I only pray God give to me the strength he’s

given you,

to face each day with hope, whether

skies are black or blue,

Life on earth is truly a gift

every moment we must treasure,

it’s the simple things we take for granted

that become our ultimate pleasures.

How To Use Acorns For Food

Like many other true nuts, acorns are an excellent source of food, and they provided people with a wealth of health and food recipe ideas in earlier times. Today, they’re still in fashion as a food, and rightly so, because they’re filled with B vitamins, protein, fat, and they’re a decent complex carbohydrate. Every species of acorn is edible, but some taste better than others. However, it is very important you do not eat them raw; in order to not eat acorns that are bitter-tasting and toxic, you’ll need to process them first. For directions and suggestions about how to use acorns as food, for example acorn coffee and flour, see here

squirrels like acorns and seeds too

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