The Low Carb Diabetic: Oh No! I Missed National Pink Day

The Low Carb Diabetic: Oh No! I Missed National Pink Day

If you are a regular reader here you will know that pink is my favourite colour, so perhaps I should have known that 23rd June was ‘National Pink Day’ but I didn’t! I looked further into this day and, “as is the case with a number of digital-age holidays, the exact origins and celebrations of National Pink Day have been lost in time. Apparently ‘National Pink Day’ is celebrated on June 23 every year. As you might imagine, it’s a day to celebrate the meaning, history, and beauty of the pale shade of red. Surveys in both the United States and Europe found pink to be most commonly associated with femininity, sensitivity and tenderness.” Read more about this day here

So in honour of the colour pink, I share a few photographs,

all were taken a while ago

my pink coat keeps me warm in cooler days

looking back at summer fun,

 alas even my pink trainers didn’t bring a hole in one at dinosaur golf! LOL!

Salmon in a creamy rosé sauce with tarragon and pink peppercorns

makes an enjoyable low carb meal

can I pour you a refreshing glass of Rose wine?

Did you know that National Rosé Wine Day

is held every year on the second Saturday in June,

I missed that too! Oh dear!

Did you know about these two days?

Perhaps your favourite colour has a special day! 

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All the best Jan

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