T2D Healthline - Find Your Tribe

T2D Healthline: Find Your Tribe

By using the T2D Healthline app for a few weeks now, I’ve made new friends (many from my own state of Virginia), learned a lot, and hopefully made suggestions that helped other people. I’ve participated in (and led) Live Chats, read articles about living with Type 2 diabetes, and felt totally comfortable asking “dumb” questions. I’ve found my tribe.

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What’s my favorite part of the T2D Healthline app? It’s the Groups feature (that I mentioned in my intro to the app). In particular, I love the Live Chats that happen within the groups.

So far I’ve hosted a chat in the Exercise & Fitness group about getting more physical activity while we’re all staying home. I’ve also participated in chats about topics ranging from low carb and keto diets to diabetes burnout. On May 12, 2020, I’ll be hosting a Live Chat about becoming an advocate for your own healthcare (in the Healthcare group). On May 24, 2020, I’ll be hosting another on the stigma of insulin therapy (in the Medications and Treatments group). Please join us!

Find Your Tribe - T2D Healthline live chats


Why Finding Your Tribe is Important

You may think you don’t need anyone beyond your health care team to help you manage your diabetes. I once thought that too. Your doctor and diabetes care and education specialists can certainly teach you a lot and I’m grateful to the wonderful providers I’ve had over the years. But ever since I’ve discovered peer support (exactly what is offered through this app), managing everything has become more, well, fun.

Who else can relate to what you live with every day? How great is it to have a safe place to ask “has anyone ever experienced …?” Who can offer tried-and-true tips for staying in a positive frame of mind when you are living with a chronic condition? Where else can you vent about a stigmatizing comment? Who else can tell you about the side effects they experienced when they started a new medication? Other people who live with Type 2, that’s who. Your peers. Your tribe. They just get it.

Let’s Get Connected

T2D Healthline appReady to find your tribe? Download the free T2D Healthline app here. Once you’ve joined the community, look me up! You should be able to find me by searching the Members area for “Shelby” or in one of the online Live Chats that are held Sunday through Thursday evenings. I look forward to welcoming you to the tribe!

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