T2D Healthline: An App for People Living with Type 2

T2D Healthline: An App for People Living with Type 2

If you’re like me, you’ve tried lots of health-related apps. Imagine one that has relevant articles, peer support, and diabetes management tips specifically for people with Type 2. Now you know what the new T2D Healthline app is all about.

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Why T2D Healthline?

Living with Type 2 diabetes can be lonely. Even when you seek support online, there’s so much stigma and shame. Comments like “you did this to yourself” and “my child doesn’t have THAT type of diabetes” aren’t helpful and can lead to lowered self-esteem, additional stress, and even depression.

But what if there was a private online community specifically for people living with Type 2? What if you could find support and helpful suggestions from folks just like you? Would you like to participate in a live online chat most nights of the week where you could learn and share?

Then you need T2D Healthline.

Setting Up the App

Setting up the app is easy: just download it and answer a few simple questions to set up your profile. (The app is currently available for iPhone/iPad and Android.)

You may wonder why they ask about things like your treatment plan, lifestyle, and interests. Well, it’s because in a sense T2D Healthline works like a dating app. It tries to match you with others who are taking the same meds and like the same things you do. If you’re uncomfortable participating in the group discussions, you’ll find folks you can chat with privately.

T2D Healthline app screenshots
Screenshots from the T2D Healthline app: Groups (left) and Discover (right)


T2D Healthline Features

Within the app, there are five sections:

  1. Home
    Think of this as your News Feed. Recent posts from the various groups will appear here interspersed with articles about Type 2 and member profiles.
  2. Groups
    Most discussions are associated with a group. Currently, the available groups are:
    • General
    • Daily Life
    • Coping with COVID-19
    • Escape from T2D
    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Complications
    • Exercise and Fitness
    • Medications and Treatments
    • Mental Health
    • Women’s (or Men’s) Topics
    • Monitoring and Lab Work
    • Relationships
    • Healthcare
    • Newly Diagnosed
    • Travel
  3. Members
    Here you’ll find a list of members with indicators about who is currently online. You can also turn on/off the “matching” feature to find other people with similar interests.
  4. Messages
    In the Messages area, you can see who you’ve been matched with (if you’ve turned that feature on) and have private conversations. Basically, it’s the area for direct messaging.
  5. Discover
    The Discover area provides links to diabetes news articles and tips for living well with Type 2.

Let’s Get Connected

T2D Healthline appOnce you download the app and join the T2D Healthline community, look me up! You should be able to find me by searching the Members area for “Shelby.” And please participate in the online chats in the evenings at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT / 6 pm MT / 5 pm PT. I promise you’ll learn something!

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