Swedish (low-carb) 'cheesecake' with strawberry jam

Swedish (low-carb) ‘cheesecake’ with strawberry jam

Did you know? Ostkaka is a Swedish cheesecake which is typically topped with strawberries or eaten with other berry jams or fruit compotes. It is a sweet dessert which has origins in two parts of Sweden; Smaland and Halsingland. Ostkaka is usually eaten warm as it is not as flavourful when eaten hot or cold. November 14th has been named the Day of Ostkaka in Sweden, but why not make today ‘Ostkaka Day’ too!

Slight words of warning! Despite the similarity in literal translation, ostkaka should not be confused with cheesecake. Swedes typically call the latter by its English name, sometimes making it “American cheesecake”, to avoid confusion. 
Whatever you may choose to call this dish, I’m sure you will like this recipe suggestion by Jill Wallentin. It’s her protein-packed, low-carb version of the Swedish cheesecake “ostkaka” it is creamy and has a lovely crunch from the chopped almonds. Served together with a sugar-free strawberry jam, it’s the perfect healthy dessert.


Serves Four

Swedish cheesecake
3 large eggs
3 tbsp erythritol
¼ tsp bitter almond extract (optional)
230 g (260 ml) cottage cheese
140 g (150 ml) cream cheese
60 ml (35 g) almonds, chopped
Sugar-free strawberry jam
110 g frozen strawberries, thawed
1 tbsp erythritol


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Notes and tips

In Sweden you usually serve the “ostkaka” with whipped cream. It’s also common in the Southern part of Sweden so add some saffron to the batter which gives it a beautiful golden colour and amazing flavour.

The cheesecake also tastes great with any kind of fresh berries.

Bitter almonds adds the characteristic flavour of the classic version of the Swedish “ostkaka”. It could be tricky to find it in some parts of the world.

Regular almond extract works as a substitute. You can also substitute for vanilla extract if you don’t prefer the almond flavour.

Have you tried
Flying Jacob (Flygande Jacob), a classic Swedish Chicken Dish, see more details of this moderate low carb recipe version here

Happy Eating!

Gärna äta!

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