Some Precautions You Can Take

Some Precautions You Can Take

As I wrote yesterday, see here, the UK has been experiencing HOT weather. It reminded me of this post I originally posted in 2018. But what was written then is still very relevant today.

Emma Baird (a type 1 diabetic ) writes:

If you’re a type 1, what special precautions do you need to take when the mercury rises? I prepared this handy infographic to help…

Please note—if you have neuropathy (nerve damage) this can affect your ability to sweat and therefore cool down. Go out early in the morning or later in the afternoon if you can, drink water to stay hydrated and exercise in air-conditioned gyms (when Covid 19 restrictions allow)*. Cut down on drinks with caffeine and alcohol, and take care of yourself as best you can.”

This and more from Diabetes Diet Blog here

* In June 2020 Gyms are currently closed due to Covid 19.

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