Six things you should never put on your compost heap !

Six things you should never put on your compost heap !

I’m not too sure if the weather will allow any gardening this weekend. Here in the UK they seem to be forecasting both rain and snow! We shall have to wait and see.

For me I’m making sure I have a good book to read, and water in the kettle to make a cuppa. I may also watch an episode of Gardeners’ World which is a popular UK BBC programme about gardening. It was first broadcast in January 1968 and is still going strong! “In a recent episode BBC presenter Monty Don warned households to be careful about putting certain things on the compost heap to avoid attracting unwelcome rodents.

On the recent Gardeners’ World Winter Special, Monty explained that people should not add meat, fats, cooked materials, potato, rice or pasta to their compost pile as it will draw in a crowd of rats.

“The real secret of compost is life to soil,” he told viewers. “You can add almost anything that’s lived to a compost heap. But don’t add meat, fats or cooked material. Particularly cooked starches like potato or rice or pasta. The main reason for that, is not that it won’t decompose because it will in time, but it will do so more slowly. It will attract rodents. You will get rats.”

A compost heap is not only a nutrient-rich food product for your garden, but it will help to keep your soil’s pH balance in check, improve soil structure and maintain moisture levels, too. So what can you add to your compost? “Almost everything else from the garden and the house can go on,” Monty says.

Some of the best ingredients for a successful compost heap include kitchen waste, particularly egg shells and banana skins, dried leaves, grass clippings, manure, peelings, coffee grounds and tea leaves.”

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