September ... Did You Know !

September … Did You Know !

September is the ninth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, coming between August and October. It has 30 days. Its name comes from the Latin word sept for “seven” (it was the seventh month of the year, before January and February were added to the beginning of the year.)

September begins on the same day of the week as December every year, as each day in September and its equivalent in December are 91 days (13 weeks) apart.

In the old Roman calendar, September was the seventh month, which is where it got its name (“Septem” means “seventh”). The ninth month at the time was November (“Novem” means “ninth”). With Julius Caesar’s calendar reform, September became the ninth month, with 30 days. September comes after August and before October.

An equinox occurs in September, either on the 22nd or 23rd, meaning there are days and nights of about equal length, half way between the June and December solstices. In the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn (Fall) begins in this month, while in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the beginning of Spring. 

In most Northern Hemisphere countries, school starts in this month, following the summer holidays. (In 2020 Covid 19 has affected school attendance with many pupils studying at home with online sessions).

In Ancient Greece, September was called Boedromion. The Anglo-Saxons called it Gerstmonath, meaning “Barley month”, referring to the harvest. In other countries, it is referred to as Autumn Month, such as in Finland (Syyskuu) and German-speaking parts of Switzerland (Herbstmonat). 

The birth stone for September is the sapphire, symbolising clear thinking. 

The birth flowers for the month are the forget-me-not (picture above), morning glory and aster.

The Zodiac signs for September are Virgo (August 23 – September 23) and Libra (September 24 – October 23).

In the English language, September comes last alphabetically out of all the months of the year.

Also in the English language, September has the longest name of all the months of the year, with nine letters. Coincidentally, it is also the ninth month.
September is the first of four months in-a-row to have a name ending in “ber”, with the last three months of the year, October, November and December, also doing so.

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September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day, so have your ingredients and recipe ready!

Pizza Night … the Low Carb Way

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