Next generation insulins – Diabetes Diet

Next generation insulins – Diabetes Diet

Adapted from Medscape interview with Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard MD

Dr Pedersen-Bjergaard is based in Denmark.

Once weekly insulins are under development and are at the pre-clinical study level. These are expected to be a lot more convenient. Novonordisk’s is at the most advanced stage. They are basal insulins that cause no change in the HbA1Cs or body weight when used in type two diabetics. (Who still produce some insulin in their pancreatic beta cells). The new insulin called Icodec has been trialled against Glargine / Lantus and it is equally safe.

Blue tooth technology has been developed that will tell you how many units of insulin you injected and when you injected it, via an integrated pen unit. The unit will have automated titration recommendations via your blood sugar meter. This will give improved glucose readings and HbA1Cs.

Ultra rapid insulins are being developed. These reduce the one and two hour blood sugar spikes after meals but have not been optimised for pump use yet.

Insulin Degludec shows reduced hypos compared to Glargine/Lantus in type ones.

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