Meanwhile back in 2019 !

Meanwhile back in 2019 !

Like many families, due to the current Covid 19 restrictions, we are seeing our family courtesy of the internet, and are so thankful that we can. But looking back to last year, I can remember a lovely outing to Mudeford where these gulls were ‘Diving for Dinner’ – see here

four of our grandchildren hoping they will catch some crabs
I seem to remember they did

and youngest grandson being so patient feeding the ducks

Thank goodness for photographs and lovely memories

The best things in life

are the people we love,

the places we’ve been,

and the memories we’ve made 

along the way.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing them all in the summer, if Covid 19 restrictions allow! I’m sure we will enjoy an ice lolly/popsicle, or two, together –  these white chocolate raspberry ones are nice, they are low carb and dairy free, recipe can be seen here

All the best Jan

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