Late dinner is worse for your health !

Late dinner is worse for your health !

I wonder, what time do you eat dinner? For most of us dinner is our main meal of the day. Eddie and I usually eat our dinner early evening but I know some people enjoy their dinner at lunch time, and many after a busy day at work call their dinner supper … it can get confusing. What made me think of the timing of dinner was an article I recently read, a few snippets of which I’ve copied below. 

“You’ve undoubtedly heard it many times by now. What you eat matters, and so does when you eat. 

Now, a new study suggests that eating dinner later is worse for your health than eating it earlier. 

This study adds to the body of literature suggesting that if you have a choice between eating later or earlier, choose earlier. Your blood sugar and triglycerides will thank you for it.”

The above picture and words in italic are taken from a recent article by Dr Bret Scher at Diet Doctor site, if you’d like to read more, the article is here

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