It's Time For YEAR !

It’s Time For YEAR !

Hello there, this post continues my take on New Year!

This means I give a food take on words.

As we are in the early stages of the New Year these are the two words I have chosen!

Have you seen my take on NEW here

This post is about the letters which make up Y E A R  !

Starting with Y for Yoghurt

Lemon Yoghurt Cheesecake : The Low Carb Way

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Moving on to E for Eggplant (also known as Aubergine)

Eggplant Bruschetta (Baked Aubergine) – Lower Carb and Vegetarian

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Next comes A for Avocado

Sail Away on a delicious Avocado Boat

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Finally it’s R for Radish

Salmon, Cucumber and Radish Salad

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Well that’s my take on Y E A R

What foods would you have chosen for these four letters?

Do please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dear reader, you will find a variety of recipe ideas and articles within this blog, but please note, not all may be suitable for you. If you may have any food allergies, or underlying health issues these must always be taken into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

All the best Jan

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