It Just Takes Patience ...

It Just Takes Patience …

Yes, it’s look back time again. As I mentioned in this post here we have five wonderful grandchildren, and we were fortunate to spend some fabulous fun days with them back in the summer. This post shows our youngest grandson. He just loves being outside, anything to do with nature, animals etc. he is in his element with a smile from ear to ear … These photographs show time spent down by the lake and feeding the ducks, we found it a pleasant and relaxing time. 

it was a glorious summer day, and some ducks were swimming in the water

while other ducks came to see what our youngest grandson was doing

come on ducks, see what I’ve got for you

and if you wait patiently the duck gratefully takes a small piece of bread

a magical moment, that he still talks about today

(all pictures above taken on mobile phones,

I wish I could make the last picture bigger but it goes too fuzzy)

After a lovely few hours it was definitely time for an ice lolly (popsicle), these white chocolate raspberry ones are nice, they are low carb and dairy free, recipe can be seen here

More summer fun memories to follow shortly … thanks for reading.

All the best Jan

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