Is a keto diet helpful ?

Is a keto diet helpful ?

Is a keto diet helpful for migraines and cluster headaches?

If you suffer from migraines or cluster headaches, you’ll likely agree that few things on earth can make you feel more miserable. Could following a ketogenic diet possibly provide relief? Emerging scientific evidence suggests that, possibly by reducing inflammation in the brain, keto eating may benefit those with migraines or cluster headaches. Indeed, some people have reported that their headaches dramatically improved after switching to a keto diet.

In this guide, we’ll discuss why a ketogenic diet may be helpful for migraines and cluster headaches, and provide practical advice for getting the best results.What are migraines?
Migraines are severe headaches that are usually accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and sensitivity to light and noise. They are more common in women and can be triggered by hormonal changes, certain foods, stress, and other factors. Medications provide relief for some but often come with side effects.
Keto for migraines

Why a ketogenic diet might help
Migraines appear to involve inflammation, chemical imbalances, and impaired energy metabolism in the brain. Some researchers theorize that ketogenic diets may provide migraine relief by reducing inflammation and imparting other beneficial effects on the brain.

Scientific evidence supporting keto diets for migraines

In small studies, ketogenic diets have been found to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines, leading to decreased use of medication, in several participants. However, improvement didn’t occur in everyone. More studies, especially clinical trials, are needed.

Anecdotal evidence supporting keto diets for migrainesWhat are cluster headaches?

Cluster headaches cause severe one-sided head pain several times a day for a few days, weeks, or months. In chronic cluster headaches, attacks can last for a year or longer. Triggers include alcohol, chemicals, stress, and weather changes. Acute and preventive treatments may help some but not all people with cluster headaches.

Keto for cluster headaches

Why a ketogenic diet might help
Ketogenic diets can potentially reduce inflammation, and small studies suggest they may be beneficial for people with migraines. Because migraine and cluster headaches share some similarities, a keto approach may potentially provide relief for people with cluster headaches.

Scientific evidence supporting keto for cluster headaches

Limited research suggests that keto diets may help reduce or possibly resolve cluster headaches in people with drug-resistant cluster headaches. However, much more study is needed.

Anecdotal evidence supporting keto for cluster headaches

Getting started
How can you follow the keto diet and get the best results for migraines? Here are a few pointers:
Keep carbs very low
Learn more about the keto diet
Take steps to avoid the “keto flu”
Get enough magnesium
Discuss medications with your doctor

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Key takeaways
If you suffer from migraines or cluster headaches, a keto diet may potentially help improve your symptoms.

Based on published studies and personal reports, some people have experienced dramatic reductions in headache frequency, severity, and medication usage simply by changing their diet.

However, there are no guarantees. As with epilepsy and other neurological conditions, it’s likely that not everyone who follows a keto diet for migraine or cluster headaches will improve.

On the other hand, a keto diet is a healthy way of eating that can provide other benefits. And if following a keto lifestyle might lead to fewer migraine or cluster headaches and improve your quality of life, it seems worthwhile to give it a try.

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