Cliffs and Candy Tuft ... a wonderful combination

Cliffs and Candy Tuft … a wonderful combination

The Low Carb Diabetic: Cliffs and Candy Tuft … a wonderful combination

Cliffs and Candy Tuft … a wonderful combination

Currently in England (but not the whole UK) we have been allowed to travel in our car to an open car park (they still are not all open) park and then enjoy a walk. Up until then Eddie and I had just enjoyed walks around the garden and nearby neighbourhood, but with the change in Covid 19 restrictions we thought we’d venture a little further. We decided to ride up to our local cliff top, and as well as the view of the Isle of Wight and The Needles (click on the picture to enlarge) it was the beautiful pink candytuft which also caught our eye. Carrying a moblie phone with camera is so handy!

Candytuft (Iberis) is an evergreen perennial that gets its name from the fragrant umbels of blossoms that cover it from late spring to early summer—so much so that the foliage is sometimes obscured. Because this plant forms such a compact mat of foliage, it works well at the front of a border. These ground-hugging perennials are actually considered sub-shrubs. Candytuft is also deer resistant, extremely drought-tolerant, and low maintenance which makes it suitable for use in rock gardens or very dry areas of the garden… and is very often seen on cliff tops!

After our little outing it was back for a welcome cuppa, tea for me coffee for Eddie, and low carb black forest gateau always taste good, see recipe details here

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